Economic Development

The Economic Development Program is designed to promote the development of small and medium businesses in Georgia, employment for the vulnerable part of the population, self-employment and income potential. Projects, which are implemented under the Economic Development program provide education, awareness, training in real working environment and sustainable environment for creating new jobs. The program supports small and medium businesses in the region by increasing their access to finance, and by helping the vulnerable population be competitive in the professional world and enhance their place in society. Within the program, the Center works closely with professional education centers and employers, job seekers in the formal, informal and work-based learning to support the practice.

Economic Development Program current and completed projects:

Current Projects

The aim of the business consultation center is to contribute to the economic growth of region by promoting development and strengthening of SME sector.  EDEC offers objective, practical and results-driven advice

Users of Our consulting services

Start Up individuals More

Geographic Scope: Tbilisi, Imereti, Adjara, Kakheti RegiEducate, Employ, Advocate and Legislate For Equal Opportunities for people with Disabilitiesons

Implementation period: October 2015 - September 2017 (24 months)

Donor: Delegation of European Union to Georgia

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Geographic Scope: West Georgia

Donor: EU

Target group: non-profit organizations, initiative groups.

The project objective is to promote the development of social enterprises, social organizations and their capacity to diversify, to make them better able to meet social an More

Completed Projects

Target group: people with disabilities.

Donor(s): The European Union.


The goal: to provide persons with disabilities access to education and employment promotion measures.

Within the project:

  • Career Development Center was established
  • More

The Group target: young people who have been displaced in Kutaisi region

Donor (s): Civil Society Fund


Objective: Entrepreneurs participatory role for Abkhazia and South Ossetia displaced youth employment and self-employment process.

Within the projec More

Target group: disadvantaged young people and their families

Partners: MFO Credo, World Vision – Georgia

Objective: The success of reaching prospects for beneficiaries of credit use is facilitated.

Under the project: more than 450 young people went through business More