Social Enterprise - Peacock

The social enterprise “Peacock” was founded in December, 2012 in Kutaisi, Georgia.  “Peacock” currently employs 11 socially vulnerable and disabled persons and sells its products throughout all regions of Georgia.

The idea to create greeting cards using the quilling technique was originated from various primary school civic club members.  The first handmade cards were sold for Valentine’s Day by primary school students.  The proceeds from these cards were donated to the Kutaisi Day Care Centers for Children with Disabilities.  At that time, the students decided to teach quilling to Day Care Center attendees, who were eager to learn a new art form.

In parallel it was determined that the handmade greeting cards could provide a profitable enterprise for the Day Care Centers.  The cards became very popular and KEDECs development team decided to create the Initiative Group to partner with Day Care Centers for Children with Disabilities and produce hand quilled greeting cards and post cards.  The production was widened to include making souvenirs.

The children with disabilities were able to use these techniques to help with their therapy and rehabilitation.

The “Peacock” products are sold in book stores and supermarkets.  We also have corporate clients, for example, microfinance companies, banks, schools, city halls and councils.

Georgia does not have a large greeting card culture so it has been a slow process to market the products.  In addition, social enterprises have not been supported by local governments.

KEDEC plans to widen the business by marketing and advertising the products to inform potential clients of the importance of supporting socially vulnerable and disabled people.  KEDEC will also sell the cards in retail and wholesale markets