The mission of NGO “Education Development and Employment Center” is identifying the challenges in formal and informal education and employment, resolving the problems through sustainable models and implementation.

The organization was founded in 2004 by World Vision, within the Georgian project “Learners for life” and was called the Kutaisi Youth Center.

The project was funded by the European Union and implemented in three regions of Georgia:  Imereti, Adjara, and Kakheti.

Community youth centers were contributed by the Georgian government, with the support of international donors, and implementation of initiated deinstitutionalization reform.

Under the project, the first pilot, “Small Group Homes” was established and managed by the Kutaisi Youth Center. The first group of 24-social workers in Georgia was trained by the TEMPUS- program and were involved in the project.

After completing the project, on January 10, 2008, Education Development and Employment Center (KEDEC), was created based on the Youth Center model.  The organization since its founding has developed its experience in education, employment, protection of children, civil society and economic development. Currently, the organization operates in four directions:  Civil Society Development, Child Protection, Economic Development and Education.

From January 2008 until present, the organization has implemented more than 40 projects in all four directions and has provided services to more than 10,700 beneficiaries.

1678 young people have passed professional orientation, career development and vocational skills training, through the support of the organization, of which 60% have been employed in a permanent workplace. A psycho-social rehabilitation service (counseling, day care services for children with disabilities, social support, etc.) has been provided to more than 1260 beneficiaries.