Chairperson of the Board

In 2016 we celebrated the ninth anniversary of the organization’s establishment.  This year once more proved that, despite stable institutional growth, the problems we are facing each year are more and more challenging. To respond to the urgent needs of target groups we must increase our geographic coverage area and diversify our programs. These changes make our activities more and more interesting, unite the organization staff as a team to target the organizational goals and contribute to team improved orientation, concentration and focus.

We change the lives of people for the better. Each separate example gives us stimulus and motivates us to grow and move towards more and more ambitious and sophisticated goals.

Our team prioritizes long-range sustainable solution of the problems of our beneficiaries through cooperation and mutual support. One example of this approach is that the Kutaisi Municipality Mayor’s Office has adopted our experience and has planned  future forums with the participation of the local population; another example of sustainability of our activities is how our method of employment service, based on the individual skills of people with disabilities, was adopted by the Social Service Agency.

I would like to particularly mention the important role of donors and partners in the our results which would be impossible to achieve without their trust and support.

Lika Kiladze