Career Guidance Specialist

Sopho Oniani joined the Education Development and Employment Center in 2014 as a career guidance specialist at the Daycare Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities. Her professional experience is related to empowering people with disabilities and creating equal opportunities for them. At present she is the career planning specialist.

Sopho’s duties include administrating a database of daycare center beneficiaries, evaluating their conditions, organizing career orientation training for them, facilitating cooperation between beneficiaries and potential employers, and other activities to enable employment of beneficiaries.

Between 2008 and 2014, Sopho has been working at the local non-governmental organization “Abkhaz Intercontinental” as administrator and monitoring specialist.

Sopho went to Akaki Tsereteli University and graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Later on, she was awarded a master’s degree in law at the Humanitarian and Law Teaching University of Kutaisi.

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