Kutaisi youth center congratulated the international day of people with disabilities to the beneficiaries of Samtredia and Terjola daycare service centers of children with disabilities and with the cooperation of “Mac Donald’s” held different cognitive-entertainment activities for them.

McDonald’s handed presents to children and hosted the food for them.

The transportation of beneficiaries of Terjola and Samtredia daycare service centers was insured by the local authorities.

The aim of the event was the socialization of the children with disabilities and their integration in the society, sharing of the social responsibilities by parties, and taking care of children.

The youth center has been cooperating with Mac Donald’s for already five years.

The event was organized within the frames of tolerance, social awareness, and integration support program (PITA), being implemented by UNAG with the financial support of USAID. The partner of the program is the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC).

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