Boost Your Skills

Within vocational education programs, EDEC offers short-term trainings focused on developing practical skills. Within the programs, you will be able to:

  • upgrade your skills
  • plan your career with our support
  • take a step towards a better future
  • gain practical knowledge
  • become successful
Blueberry Farm Consultant

23 young people from amegrelo region were trained at the short-term vocational training program for a Blueberry Farm Consultant. Participants completed the paid internship withing the program and 15 of them got employed.

Vet Technician

13 youth from Shida Kartli joined the Vet Technicain short-term dual vocation training program. 9 of them are employed at the vet shops, vet pharmacies and vet hospitals operating in the regions.

Kindergarten Teachers

13 residents of Shida Kartli participated in the dual vocation training program for a Kindergarten Teacher, 5 of them got employed.

Assistant to Pharmacist

17 young people from Samegrelo participated in the short-term dual vocational training  program for an Assistant to Pharmacist. 4 local pharmacies provided internship opportunities. 9 graduates got employed.


Within the dual vocational training program for a Baker, EDEC has cooperated with the modern food enterprise "Food Alliance". As a result of the effective partnership, 10 young residents of Shida Kartli got employed at the enterprise.

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