How the idea of two friends turned into the business

Mariam Tsikaridze and Nino Mazmishvili are the founders of "Creative Room" - an innovative platform for creative entrepreneurial activities in Gori. The young friends successfully used the knowledge gained at the entrepreneurial school and today the art salon "Creative Room" already has 4 talented members. They are constantly trying to master various creative techniques and offer new products to customers.

18 years old successful chef

Nikoloz Shubitidze is a successful young chef. He completed a 6-month training course in dual professional training for Chefs which included theoretical and practical training and a three-month paid internship. Nikoloz is currently employed at the "Mtserlebi" resort. He is very fond of his  job, constantly trying to refine cooking technology and develop professionally.

A business plan developed at the Entrepreneurship School

Sopho Nozadze opened a burger bar "Posh" in Gori with the help of the knowledge and mentoring gained at the Entrepreneurship School.
She developed the business plan of "Posh Bar", actively consulting with the team of the Entrepreneurial School. The most important support for a start-up entrepreneur was to connect with an experienced mentor who helped her to create the menu and shared the recipes. Today "Posh" is one of the innovative fast food bars in Gori, always keeping the customers up to date with new recipes.

The new career opportunity

Nato Khazaradze, a mother of five children, is a dentist by profession. In the past, she had to quit her job to be able to bring up her children, however by participating in the dual vocational training program for an Assistant to Pharmacist she started the new career path. Nato is one of the successful beneficiaries of the program and is currently employed in Zugdidi.

From a housewife to an entrepreneur

Iza Sarkisyan, , turned her favorite dessert - dried fruit into a business product with the help of the Entrepreneurship School. At present she produces dried fruits under the brand name of "Chemi Chiri".

Making dried fruits was a normal family activity for Iza, however, after completing the school, she saw an opportunity to start a business in this region. With a range of courses taught in the entrepreneurial school, including digital marketing0 and business and financial management, Iza strengthens her enterprise every day and moves forward.

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