Become a Volunteer

EDEC has been implementing a number of projects to raise awareness about volunteering, develop volunteering culture  and increase youth involvement in volunteering activities. With the initiative of the organization, in 2018, a volunteering platform “Time Bank” was created, which facilitates the exchange of skills and abilities between people in the digital form.

By volunteering you can:

  • Productively spend your free time
  • Discover a new field of interest
  • Deepen your knowledge and develop practical skills
  • Implement your own initiatives
  • Meet new people
  • Obtain professional experience
Education Center by Kamran

Kamran Afandiev's volunteer story relates to teaching Georgian language.
He opened an educational center with a small reading room for the villagers in the garage of his house in the village of Khuldar, Marneuli Municipality. The youth have the opportunity to participate in trainings, seminars organized by the center and visit the library.
Kamran and his friends volunteer to translate Georgian fairy tales into Azerbaijanian language.

The Warm Shed for Animals

Levan Chkhaidze prepares colorful wooden kennels for the street dogs in Batumi and sets them up in the streets. He started this activity with his own savings, voluntarily. Levan calls the colorful house for street animals "Kera" (Eng.: shelter) and has created a Facebook page with that name. Levan and his friends w fight together for animal rights and for improvement of their conditions.

Sharing Knowledge with Peers

Lida Almasyan lives in Akhalkalaki. Her volunteering activities relate to her ethnic Armenian peers. She plans educational seminars and individual meetings with them, where they talk about the importance of democracy, equality, tolerance and civic activism. She thinks that knowledge is a powerful tool to break stereotypes, and knowledge sharing is the most important thing.

Protecting the Environment

Nika Bartava, an IDP from Abkhazia, is cleaning the tourist destinations in Samegrelo with his own forces. He cleans the polluted environment sometimes alone, sometimes with the help of others. An environmental volunteer dreams of arriving in occupied Abkhazia and visiting the sights there. He hopes that one day he will return to his native region and continue to take care of nature there.

The stories of the World

Pikria Berishvili, a geography teacher at the public school in the village of Uravi, Ambrolauri Municipality, volunteers to teach children with disabilities. She meets with the beneficiaries of the daycare centers "Magic World" and "Ialoni"  periodically through zoom platform and tells them the interesting stories of the world. Together they discuss the planets, the sun, the stars, the countries and the wonders of the world.

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