Our Mission

The mission of NGO “Education Development and Employment Center” is identifying the challenges in formal and informal education and employment, resolving the problems through sustainable models and implementation.

Our Values




The Right
to Make
Free Choices



Our Team

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The Education Development and Employment Center is an independent organization which was formed on the basis of Kutaisi Community Youth Center, established by World Vision Georgia in 2004 to support deinstitutionalization reform by the Government of Georgia. The aim was to prevent child abandonment by placing them in foster care and alternative care services. The community center administered pilot Small Group Homes, where children who were brought from large institutions lived in a family-like, caring environment. The center supported vulnerable families, assisted with finding sources of income, and reaching economic self-resilience.

The Education Development and Employment Center, as an independent organization, was established on January 10, 2008, with the goal of improving the social-economic conditions of youth, increasing community engagement, allowing citizens to become rightful members of society, and contributing to improved social-economic conditions in the region. In 2017, the center rebranded itself and now serves its members and beneficiaries with a new image and a new drive.

Today, the Education Development and Employment Center works throughout the country to support civil society development, education, social services development, and economic development. With its head office located in Kutaisi, EDEC runs regional offices in Zugdidi, Gori, Terjola, Samtredia and Saguramo.

The organization has accumulated invaluable experience through working in rural and urban areas on the protection of rights, provision of education, employment, small and medium business development, support for social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and public awareness. With its portfolio encompassing over 50 successfully implemented projects and employing over 50 staff members, EDEC is now a strong institution.


Development of methods to overcome distance education challenges during COVID-19 crisis.


Development and implementation of dual vocational education programs


Establishment of “Time Bank”, the international volunteering platform adapted to the Georgian language


Instruction of mechanisms for support and development of a culture of volunteering


Support to social entrepreneurship


Capacity building of homeowner’s associations


Development of IDP livelihoods support services


Introducing an employment model based on individual abilities of people with special needs


Youth activation and engagement into civic life


Introducing civic participation-based budgeting model in Kutaisi


Increased civic education in schools


Development of services for children with disability

Who we work with

Target groups

  • Civil society organizations (COOs)
  • Local self-government
  • Central governmental
  • Private sector
  • Population of Georgia


  • Youth
  • Job seekers
  • Internally displaced persons (IDPs)
  • Conflict-affected persons
  • Socially vulnerable persons
  • Persons and children with disabilities (PwDs)
  • Children with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Representatives of ethnic minorities
  • Mothers of multiple children
  • People below poverty line

How We Work

Empowering People

By educating, providing career opportunities, mentoring and advocating, we empower the society and particularly the vulnerable communities who face lack of social, economic, legal, technological and environmental resources, or limitations due to disability.

Building Synergies

In order to achieve greater impact, we build synergies across public, non-profit and private sectors. By strengthening the links and combining the resources, we strive to improve public services and increase access to them.

Creating Opportunities

We are dedicated to creating opportunities and to making our community stronger by doing so. We look for the organizations and companies which share our values, objectives and passion, and find ways to collaborate in order to not just solve today's problems, but to empower the people who will solve tomorrow’s biggest challenges.


By researching and adapting the international best practices, we implement innovative approaches and programs to improve quality and effectivity of educational process, career services and public services.



Best Partner – Employment Agency of Autonomous Republic of Adjara (EAARA)


The Certificate of Gratitude for productive partnership by the project Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness (PITA) and the UN Association of Georgia.


The Certificate for the fruitful cooperation within the civic education projects funded by the USAID granted by PH international


The Certificate of Gratitude by the Partners of the Georgian Special Operations Military Service and the US Army Special Forces Unit for outstanding support


The Certificate of Gratitude for the active cooperation within the projects implemented with the Department of Culture, Sports, Education and Youth of Kutaisi City


The Best Partner Award granted by the Department of Employment programs of Social Service Agency
The Certificate for winning the grant competition of the social enterprises awarded by the “Fund Tree of Life”, Bank of Georgia


The Certificate for the contribution to the implementation of the program “The Volunteer of Georgia” by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports


The Certificate of Gratitude for the mutually beneficial and fruitful collaboration with the Kutaisi Municipality Mayor


The Certificate for the fruitful cooperation within the civic education projects funded by the USAID granted by PH international


The Certificate for the fruitful cooperation within the civic education projects funded by the USAID granted by PH international


The Certificate for being the most active partner granted by the Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE)


The Certificate of Gratitude granted by the Kutaisi City Hall for active collaboration with the Kutaisi Municipality


The Certificate Granted for being the best partner in 2016 by the Department of Employment of the Social Service Agency


The Certificate of Honor of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia to the Director of EDEC Lika Kiladze for Outstanding Support


The Certificate of Gratitude for participation in the festival – From “Apkhazia to Apkhazia! Rich Past – for Honorable Future” granted by the Ministry


The Letter of Gratitude for productive collaboration


The Certificate of Honor granted for the achievements in the field of children and youth by the Youth Affairs Department of Kutaisi City Hall.

Donors and Partners

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