A graduate of the dual vocational program for Vet Technicians got employed in Khashuri

Lia Khachidze, a resident of Khashuri, is one of the successful graduates of the dual vocational education program for vet technicians. At present, Lia manages the vet shop in Kashuri.

“Even though I graduated from the Faculty of Zootechnics at the Agricultural University, I realized that my field of interest was veterinary. That is why, after graduation, I started looking for a training program in this direction. I contacted the Ministry of Agriculture several times in search of such a training course. Then I learned about this program from the Internet. As I live in Khashuri municipality, I wanted to find a training program nearby. Finally, I got in touch with the EDEC’s Employment Center in Gori and successfully passed the interview, after which I joined the training program for vet technicians,” – Lia tells us.

Within the mentioned program, Lia attended the theoretical and practical course and underwent a three-month internship. Soon after completing the program, the young woman found a job in one of the vet shops in Khashuri. Her competencies include communication with customers, consulting the buyers about the products, and updating the sales reporting system.

The Dual Vocational Education Program for Vet Technicians was implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in 2018-2020, within the EU-funded project “EU4Youth – Enhancing Youth Education, Employment and Participation in Conflict-affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine”.

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