A new project to support employment of people with disabilities launched in Kutaisi

The Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) launched a new project to support people with disabilities. The presentation of the project was held in conference room of Kutaisi City Council on May 22th, 2018. 

The project “Supporting Vocational Education and Employment Based on Individual Skills of Persons with Disabilities” is implemented with the support of Kutaisi City Hall and aims to promote vocational education and employment considering individual skills of persons with disabilities.

Within the project:

  • The professional skills of 30 persons with disabilities will be evaluated by a qualified specialist;
  • 30 people with disabilities will undergo vocational training courses;
  • 10 people with disabilities will undergo a full course of vocational training, certification and validation as a cook, stylist, or hotel administrative specialist;
  • 5 people with disabilities will be send to a vocational college and participate in the education course to acquire the profession they wish;
  • 5 people with disabilities will have a three-month paid internship in the Social Service Agency. They will work in a real work environment, and enhance their qualifications in chosen profession;
  • 5 people with disabilities will join the employment program of the Social Service Agency. With the assistance of qualified consultants they will be employed in the open labor market.

The representatives of the local government, vocational and public schools, as well as the civil and private sector attended the event. 

The Education Development and Employment Center is working on disability issues since 2009 and actively supports the improvement of socio-economic status of persons with disabilities, their employment and full integration into society.

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