A young woman decides to pursue a career in nursing because of the coronavirus pandemic

Thirty-two years old Maka Okruashvili, a resident of Gori, found out about the “Learn for Employment” project from FACEBOOK. Maka wanted to become employed in the medical field and addressed to the Employment Center for this purpose.

As the job seeker did not have the relevant medical education, the career consultants contacted the Public College “Amagi”, helped her enroll in a two-year nursing program and provided the young woman with the preparation materials for the Enrollment Examination.

“I have been interested in nursing for a long time, but due to financial problems, I refrained from studying. But now that the coronavirus pandemic is raging and the support of each nurse is necessary and invaluable, my desire to study this profession has intensified. I really want to study nursing well and serve my country,” – says Maka.

With the help of the career consultants, Maka started working as a practical nurse at the clinic Gormedi. She does her job with great responsibility and enthusiasm and prepares to study the new profession.

The EU-funded project “Learn, Exercise, Achieve, Receive, Network for Employment! (LEARN for Employment!)“ is implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), the Telavi Education Development and Employment Center (TEDEC), the Employment Agency of the Autonomous Region of Adjara (EAARA), Abkhazintercont (AIC) and the Guria Youth Resource Center (GYRC).

The project implemented in six regions of Georgia – Imereti, Guria, Racha-Lechkhumi, Adjara, Shida Kartli and Kakheti – aims to to promote an efficient transition model from education to the labour market largely supporting increased employment, social integration and decreased poverty and vulnerability levels.

Employment Centers has been opened in the mentioned six regions. The centers offer career development and employment services to job seekers.

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