Cyberbullying – An unfortunate and dangerous phenomenon of our modern, digital life which needs to be addressed

– An unfortunate and dangerous phenomenon of our modern, digital life 
which needs to be addressed

In our modern world, hidden or open intimidation through digital
technologies are gradually becoming more dangerous; this new and
“popular” phenomenon is called cyberbullying. With more and more people
publishing and sharing personal moments online, blackmailing, threatening and
oppressing peers in the virtual space followed soon as wretched and unfortunate
but a logical consequence.

Due to the urgency of the topic, an online meeting was organized
as soon as possible. At the initiative of the Education Development and
Employment Center, psychologist Zanda Chechelashvili talked with the members of
civil clubs partnering with the program “Future Generation.” The students
received professional and competent consultation about the dangers of
cyberbullying and possibilities of prevention in order to avoid but also face the

The participants used most of the event to discuss topics they
frequently face in their daily lives; the right emphasis and qualified advice
of the psychologist turned out to be not only very helpful but also long
overdue. It is important to keep young people constantly informed to prevent
them from becoming the victim as much as the perpetrator of cyberbullying; this the meeting was the first necessary step in the right direction.

The program “Future Generation” aims to improve
the curriculum of civic education in schools. It also encourages pupils to
apply their theoretical education. It is supported by the Ministry of Education
and Science of Georgia and financed by the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID). In the Imereti region, the initiative is
implemented by PH International in partnership with the Education Development
and Employment Center (EDEC).

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