Dual education course for masseurs in Zugdidi – Internships in full progress

It has been already one month now, since Gvantsa
Todua and Maia Khvichava started their internships at the rehabilitation center

As part of a 200-hour training course for
masseurs in Zugdidi, the two young women, as well as twelve other participants,
train to become professionals in the field of therapeutic massages. Therefore,
they underwent theoretical lessons at the public college “Zugdidi Academy” as
well as practical sessions at their current employers’, at the MTD Resource
Center and the clinic “LNI.”

Although I already had both, education and
work experience in this field, the training course, especially the practical
part, opened new opportunities for me. Highly qualified teachers, such as Tea
Chezhia, Nana Dzadzaria, and Nino Todua shared their experience, which allowed
me to deepen my knowledge and skills in different directions,” extolled Maia

Now, all graduates enjoy a paid
three-months internship.

“Participation in this dual education program
is important for us, as an employer, for several reasons: first of all, you are
part of something new and exemplary which allows you to help others in gaining professional
skills; moreover, you have additional resources which you can use in your
favor; most importantly, you have the opportunity to train staff at your own center
for your own center. Those undergoing the internship here, have a big chance to
be employed with us in the future,” stated Khatuna Bechvaia, director of the
rehabilitation center “Tanaziari.”

The masseurs’ program is implemented as part
of the EU-funded project “EU4Youth – Enhancing Youth Education, Employment and
Participation in Conflict-affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine.” The
initiative aims to widen education, employment, and entrepreneurial
opportunities for internally displaced persons and conflict-affected youth and
encourages their significant participation in the community. In Georgia, it is
implemented by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Education Development
and Employment Center (EDEC).

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