EDEC’s online conferences on topics interesting to society continue

As part of the program “Future Generation,” this time, Gia
Murghulia, Doctor of Philology, co-founder and scientific supervisor of the school
“Logos,” as well as author and presenter of the Georgian radio program “Our School,” led an online event for the civil club of the partnering
school in Imereti.

The topic of this meeting was “What fables tell us! Excerpts
from small films for the classroom!” As the speaker explained, discussing allegories
and transferring their morals into our daily lives is of utmost importance for
adults’ cognitive development. Due to the experience gained over years, Gia
Murghulia was, as usual, able to enthrall his listeners and engage them in inactive and thought-provoking discussions.

The program “Future Generation” aims to improve
the curriculum of civic education in schools. It also encourages pupils to
apply their theoretical education. It is supported by the Ministry of Education
and Science of Georgia and financed by the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID). In the Imereti region, the initiative is
implemented by PH International in partnership with the Education Development
and Employment Center (EDEC).

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