Education Development and Employment Center has turned 9 years old

Education Development and Employment Center is 9 years old!

Since its establishment, on January 10th, 2008 the organization has implemented more 40 projects related to child protection, education, civil society and economic development. We provided service to about 10,000 beneficiaries through our projects.

With the support of the organization, more than 1,500 young people went through  vocational training and enhanced their skills essential  to find a job. 60% of them, were employed at full time jobs.

More than 1,000 beneficiaries were provided with psychological and social rehabilitation services which includes consulting, day care services for children with disabilities, social support and more. 

The social enterprise “Peacock” operates on the facility of the Education Development and Employment Center. 11 socially vulnerable people , including persons with disabilities, work there. 

The Education Development and Employment Center is thankful to its employees, beneficiaries, partners and donor organizations for many years of fruitful collaboration!

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