Georgian Youth Organizations Fair

The Education Development and Employment Center participated in the 11th Georgian Youth Organizations Fair on December 23-25.

The Fair aimed to identify challenges in the field of youth and to involve youth organizations in youth policy processes and monitoring.

The Fair was attended by the youth organizations operating in Georgia, the government agencies responsible for youth development, and the international organizations and experts working in the field of youth policy development. The presentations and plenary discussions were held.

The representatives of the Education Development and Employment Center informed the participants of the Fair about the process of setting up the new volunteering platform and of forming/strengthening ongoing youth councils in 10 Georgian municipalities. The meeting with Revaz Charkviani, the Head of the Youth Agency, and Irma Giorgobiani, the Head of the Youth Volunteering and Camp Access Services of the Youth Agency was held. At the meeting, the representatives of EDEC discussed the activities carried out within the youth projects and the future plans. Close cooperation with the Youth Agency was planned.

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