Habitat for Equality, Achievements, and Development

In 2022, the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) established a new non-entrepreneurial (non-profit) legal entity, Habitat for Equality, Achievements and Development will take over all of EDEC’s existing social services and, in the future, develop new services based on community needs.

Today, there is a lack of social services in Georgia. The development of diverse and high-quality services requires the appropriate efforts of the state and the active involvement of competent representatives of the civil sector.

EDEC’s target audience is well aware of the contribution of the Education Development and Employment Center to the introduction and delivery of social services. The organization established the first Day Care Centers for children with disabilities in Kutaisi, Samtredia, and Terjola. Later, the service became available to the population living in Saguramo village and its surroundings. However, today the organization’s activities are so multifaceted and large-scale that the issue of narrowing the focus has appeared on the agenda.

Our Mission

The top management of the organization, based on the Child Protection Program, considered it appropriate to establish an independent non-governmental organization, “Habitat for Equality, Achievements and Development” with the mission: to realize equal opportunities and rights for children and adults, to support their social and economic inclusion, to create a healthy environment for promoting independent living, to develop services tailored to needs and interests.

Habitat will take over all existing services of the Education Development and Employment Center, namely:

From 2023, Baghdati Municipality will be opened one more Day Care Center for Children and persons with disabilities with maintaining the high quality of current service delivery. “Habitat for Equality, Achievement, and Development” will offer several projects and necessary services to target groups in the future.

EDEC will itself continue its activities related to the development of the social sphere. In particular, it will strengthen activities in advocacy, lobbying, and monitoring.

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