New online training series for parents of people with disabilities to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19 on children’s development

COVID-19 made it very difficult for parents to deal with the
emotional condition of children with disabilities and to propose activities and
exercises to support their continuous development.

The online meeting series to strengthen and support parents has
been initiated within the cooperation between the Education Development and
Employment Center and I. Tsitsishvili Childrens’ Psychological Service. Parents
will have the opportunity to receive child-specific practical advice and
recommendations about relevant issues at each meeting.

The first session was held by specialists of the Children’s Psychological
Service on the 29th of April. The goal of the meeting was to give general
recommendations and to identify the topics of the next meeting (Planning daily

The Education Development and Employment Center would like
to thank I. Tsitsishvili Children’s Psychological Service and its specialists for
their willingness to volunteer in this initiative.

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