Online conference series continues on “Future Generation’s“ Facebook page

With active involvement of civil club members, experts are
regularly invited to introduce and discuss important topics with young people. This
time’s guest was Zaza Zangurashvili – once himself member of the civil club at
Kutaisi Public School #21 and now already Chief Specialist of the Analytical
Department of the Public Defender’s Office in Tbilisi.

“Future Generation’s” online conference was held with Zaza
on “Public Defender’s mandate and opportunities”. The event took place in a
classical question-answer format and children expressed a big interest
regarding the protection of Children’s rights. Thanks to the qualified and
interesting responses of the Public Defender’s representative the participants
could learn a lot  about children’s

The program “Future Generation” aims to improve
the curriculum of civic education at schools. It also encourages pupils to actively
apply their theoretical education in daily life. The program is supported by
the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and financed by the United
States Agency for International Development (USAID). In the Imereti region, the
initiative is implemented by PH International in partnership with the Education
Development and Employment Center (EDEC).

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