Online conferences on important topics for the public continue

The Education Development and Employment Center aims to offer
educational and informative online conferences. Therefore, your involvement and
enthusiasm are important. Again, the topic has been selected based on our
participants’ feedbacks and an expert been invited accordingly to answer all
your questions. The online conference on 23rd of April was with the
psychologist Mariam Abuladze.

Nowadays, family conflicts are a big problem in modern
Georgian society, which even leads to many tragic cases. What causes family
conflicts? What harm can irritability cause in families? What are the
consequences of family members’ varying interests? What do we need to know when
managing conflict situations? And which preventive approaches can be applied in
a relationship? These were the main issues tackled by the professional
psychologist during the online conference. At the end of a fruitful meeting, she
also recommended useful reading material.

The program “Future Generation” aims to improve
the curriculum of civic education in schools. The program also encourages
pupils to apply their theoretical education in daily life. It is supported by
the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and is financed by the United
States Agency for International Development (USAID) In the Imereti region, the
program is implemented by PH International in partnership with the Education
Development and Employment Center (EDEC).

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