Success story – Aleksandre Vatiashvili

Aleksandre Vatiashvili, a resident of Gori, is one of the successful graduates of the Dual Education Training Program for Vet Technicians. He succeeded to build a cattle farm on his own, producing organic dairy products.

“This course has helped me a lot in my professional development and, of course, it played an important role in the development of my farm. I have learned a lot about cattle, including the various diseases in animals, their treatment methods, and the necessary medicines.”

Aleksandre currently keeps 12 cows on his farm and sells dairy products on the local market. The young farmer plans to expand the farm and set up a dairy enterprise in the future. After labeling the products, he will be able to produce and sell natural cheese, cottage cheese, and butter along with milk.

The Dual Vocational Education Program for Vet Technicians was implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in 2018-2020, within the EU-funded project “EU4Youth – Enhancing Youth Education, Employment and Participation in Conflict-affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine”.

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