Success story from Gori

Tamuna Kokoshvili –  works as a laser therapist in a beauty salon.

“My biggest motivation is the satisfied customer”

I heard about the Education Development and Employment Center in the IDP settlement of Verkhvebi and decided to visit the place. I was unemployed for a long time, so I didn’t know what field to try myself. As a result of the interview with the consultants, the need to increase the competencies was highlighted. I mastered techniques such as writing a motivation letter and properly presenting my skills to an employer. The acquired knowledge helped me to discover myself, and to see my strengths and weaknesses. Soon after, the Employment Center connected me with one of the beauty salons, where I had the opportunity to master the profession of a laser therapist and get a job. In about a month, I was able to get the first customer, which gave me more strength and motivation. Now I can say that I have a new profession and a workplace where I feel very good.

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