Success story – Sopho Kochishvili

33 years old Sopho Kochishvili is a graduate of the Dual Vocational Education Program for Nurses and currently works at the Covid center of the medical network “Gormedi” in Kareli. She is employed in the field of pediatrics, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, she is temporarily employed as an assistant nurse.
Sopho has been interested in the medical field for a long time and since her childhood, she knew that she would choose a career in medical health. Although she received her education in the field of obstetrics and she has working experience in the intensive care unit, Sopho decided to further deepen her knowledge, acquire practical skills, and engage in a dual nursing program. She passed both theoretical and practical training, as well as internship and was successfully employed.
“Of course, I have a very responsible profession and it constantly requires training and skills development. I enjoy interacting with patients and helping them. I am glad to be able to help them with my work and also to make them feel better with warm words and attitude. “
Dual Vocational Education Program for Nurses was implemented by Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) within the EU-funded project “EU4Youth – Enhancing Youth Education, Employment and Participation in Conflict-affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine”.
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