Success story – Valentina Gogidze

Valentina Gogidze has successfully completed the short-term dual education training program “Serving and Service Plus”. She is currently employed as a sales consultant at the supermarket chain in Gori.
“I participated in the program in 2020. After completing the theoretical part at Gori University, I passed the practical part and the internship stage at the supermarket. This is how I got hired here.”
The Covid-19 situation and the regulations did not frighten Valentina. She continues to work actively, heads to the huge supermarket in the mornings, and in the evening returns back to the home where little Lizzie is waiting for her.
Dual Vocational Education Programs were implemented by Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) within the EU-funded project “EU4Youth – Enhancing Youth Education, Employment and Participation in Conflict-affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine”.
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