Employment Consultant

Nino Megrelishvili joined the Education Development and Employment center in 2019. She successfully completed her duties as a career planning consultant within the framework of the EU-funded project “EU4YOUTH – Enhancing Education, Employment and Participation in Conflict-Affected Areas in Georgia and Ukraine’’. Currently, Nino is an employment consultant within the framework of “Learning, training, achievement, and networking for employment (Learn for employment)”.

At various times she was the leader of the project “Support to Women in the Community of Nikozi and Shindisi” of the women’s community organization “Nikozi”. She also worked as a manager of the environmental project “Green Wall”. Nino Megrelishvili received her academic education at the Faculty of Humanities, majoring in Philology, at Gori University.

She was awarded a master’s degree at Ilia State University, Faculty of Science and Art, with a profile on social work. Nino was involved in many trainings in order to improve her qualification. She has participated in the conference “Women, Peace, Security” within the framework of cooperation between Ukraine and Georgia, and in the conference held at Ilia State University, where she spoke about gender differences in the perception of domestic violence.

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