Organizational Development Advisor

Philipp Bienek is a professional aid worker sent by the German organization Bread for the World in July 2019. The aim of his deployment is to help with the development of EDEC’s future strategy as well as with the design of a sustainable and efficient organizational structure.

In 2014, after three years of cooperative education in collaboration with Commerzbank, one of Germany’s leading financial players, Philipp graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. Afterwards, he worked for the same employer another three years as IT Project Manager in Frankfurt, London, and Prague with a focus on international banking regulations.

After a total of six years in the financial sector, Philipp decided to go for a professional re-orientation in August 2017. Therefore, he moved to Tampere in Finland where he joined the Master’s Degree Programme in Public Choice, a quantitative approach effecting the way of how to design, evaluate and challenge policies as well as decision-making processes. During his second year of studies, Philipp worked in parallel with the Bavarian Red Cross on the development of their future strategy and the exact focus within their various fields of action.

Now being with EDEC he succeeded in his personal goal to find a job which allows him to apply his economic background lasting in the humanitarian field.

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