The daycare center “Magic World” joined a social campaign initiated by McDonald’s

The beneficiaries of the Kutaisi daycare center “Magic World” have joined a social campaign “Closer and Easier” initiated by McDonald’s. 

The campaign is implemented by the agency “Butterfly.” Within the framework of the campaign, various activities are planned with the participation of the beneficiaries of the daycare center. Representatives from “Butterfly” spent two days in the daycare center and organized cognitive activities, music activities and art therapy. A movie screening was also held during those two days. 

Along with members from the civic club from Kutaisi #14 Public School, beneficiaries of the daycare center created artwork. One piece of their art was exhibited on the wall of the building located near the Zurab Kukhianidze monument on Rustaveli Avenue. Paintings created by Bela, Berdia, Bakari and Asad became street art. 

The campaign, initiated by McDonald’s, is running across five cities of Georgia and aims to raise awareness about the needs of people with disabilities and to support their integration. 

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