The first steps to the career in beauty industry

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Lauren

The International Beauty Day is marked today. To mark this day, we would like to share the success story of 29-year-old Lali Menagarishvili and tell you about her first steps to the career in beauty industry.

Lali lives in the village of Mukhaestate in Kobuleti. Although she has already tried diverse jobs, she always wanted to get an education and become employed at a beauty company. She tried to learn the technology on her own and often provided make-up and nail manicure to her friends.

Recently, Lali applied to the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) with the advice from a friend. EDEC’s employment consultant contacted and assessed Lali’s skills and interests. Based on the evaluation, a short-term professional training program for a nail specialist was specially created for her. The program was implemented by EDEC in cooperation with the beauty salon “VIP Style” located in Kobuleti. As part of the program, Lali attended 200-hour training course which included theoretical and practical training. Currently, she is completing the 120-hour paid internship phase at the salon. The salon hired a teacher for Lali and provided a special learning and working environment for her.

“This program has taught me my dream profession in depth. The learning process was very interesting. I received all  necessary information to do my job professionally: how to arrange the work environment, how to manage client relationship, how to manage time, how to plan manicure procedure, nail processing and varnishing, also, the ways to decorate the nails with gems and additional accessories. Most importantly, the internship helped me overcome the fear and anxiety that came with the new job,” – says Lali.

Short Term Vocational Training Program for Nail Specialist was implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC) within the Employment Agency of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (EAARA)’s sub-program “Providing Employment Support” – “Providing Vocational Training and Employment Support to the Persons with Disabilities”.

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