The new employee joins the EDEC team

24-year-old Ana Enukidze is a new member of the EDEC team.

Anna  will work as a teacher at the “Magic World”  Kutaisi Daycare Center for children with disabilities.

She has successfully graduated from Akaki Tsereteli State University, Faculty of History, and is currently studying Preschool Education program at Ivane Javakhishvili Vocational College.

Anna took part in the Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness (PITA) project. As she points out, while participating in the program, she realized what it means to be an active citizen and how important it is to get education, not only for self-realization, but also to help others. “The program has given me the opportunity to contribute to changing the environment for the better in the difficult pandemic times: I have defended the rights of children, the rights of people with disabilities and tried to provide reliable information about coronavirus and vaccination to my peers.”

In response to the question why she chose the profession of a teacher, Anna answered: “I wanted to become a teacher since my childhood. This decision is primarily related to my teachers, who are the most respectful, role model individuals for me. The desire to share knowledge with others is another strong motivation. As for working with the children with disabilities, I am sure it will be a great stimulus for me to share knowledge with them and observe how they develop. I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute to empowering them and improving their quality of life.

Anna urges her peers to never stop and constantly strive for development. She thinks that we should not be intimidated by one failure, as it can also be a prerequisite for our future success. According to her, by continuous work and determination, we can overcome all obstacles.

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