The New Year event “The New Year Tree of Our Stories”

Daycare service entrance of children with
disabilities “Magic World” called the supporters and partners to the story
Christmas tree and summed up 2019 with them.

The coordinator of daycare service centers,
Sophio Kupatadze talked about the achievements and challenges and also
introduced the future plans to the invited guests.

In the second part of the event the
beneficiaries of the daycare service center “Magic World” summed up the knowledge received in the daycare service center under the format of the
intellectual game “What?Where?When?”. The game finished in favor of
intellectuals with the score 5:2 and they were awarded a deserved owl made by
their own hands.

The company “Family” provided children with
sweets and our longtime friend MacDonald’s took care of creating a pleasant
environment. The newspaper P.S filled the library of the service-center with
interesting books traditionally.

The end of the event was emotional
especially for children, they received new year presents from “Airports union
of Georgia”, Law Company – Nodia, Urumashvili, and Partners” and Majorel” which
was purchased according to the letters children sent to the Santa Claus.

We would like to thank all partners for a
pleasant day.

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