The online training has started on November 24 in the framework of the project “Master of My House – Share good Perspectives”

The online training of “Technical Maintenance of Buildings” has started on November 24 in the framework of the project “Master of My House – Share good Perspectives”.

The project is implemented by Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), “Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe” (IWO e.V), and Charity Humanitarian Center “Abkhazeti” (CHCA) with support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Training is delivered by German experts from the „European Education Center for Housing and Real Estate” (EBZ). Participation in the training is free of charge. The language of the sessions will be Georgian and German. After successful completion of the training, the participants will be awarded German certificates from EBZ.

The goal of the program is to introduce the professional responsibilities of a Building Manager (Hausmeister), to present the German model of building maintenance, and to inform the participants about proper maintenance and operation of a building.

EDEC has announced an application for the training, which attracted great interest among the construction companies, vocational education institutions, and building communities. The organization has selected 30 participants through relevant criteria.

Who is a Hausmeister? – Those who know how to take care of communication, building safety, and energy efficiency, those who professionally investigate the problems of a residential building and create comfort for the people living in it, solving their problems without their efforts.

“EDEC has begun to introduce the profession of Hausmeister with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and several partner organizations in 2018. The training program of a Hausmeister or a Building Manager is based on the German experience, according to which the new Georgian educational modules were created. Training participants are introduced to the profession and duties of a building manager, to the communication skills necessary for interaction with the building residents, and to the German experience of setting the priorities and maintaining the common property effectively. I believe, that the training will make positive changes in adopting the profession of a Hausmeister and the development of a culture of common property maintenance in Georgia,” – stated Lika Kiladze, the Chairperson of the Board of Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC).

The project aims to support new maintenance services and to introduce the profession of a housemaster (technical manager of a building).

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