The representatives of the Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador visited IALONI

Today, the representatives of the Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador visited IALONI, the daycare center for children and persons with disabilities. They brought gifts for the beneficiaries and made their day with the animators’ performances.

Beneficiaries of the center participated in the show and performed several theatrical and musical acts with them. Involvement in similar cultural and entertainment activities significantly helps their integration and has a positive effect on their mood.

Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador is a frequent guest and a devoted friend of the center. Numerous events and activities have been implemented with their support.

The opportunity to renew the work at our daycare centers was given to us with the support from the organization Renovabis (Solidarity initiative of the German Catholics with the people in Central and Eastern Europe) in the framework of the project “Re-Opening of Four Day Care Centers for People with Disabilities in Georgia after Compulsory Corona-Closure”.

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