The winning project from Adjara

“Non-formal education in schools and communities will become more active, with students voluntarily sharing knowledge and experience gained on environmental issues with their peers. –  Inga Mosidze. Civil education mentor teacher of N1 public school of Salibauri village of Khelvachauri municipality”

In Salibauri Village N1 Public School, students undertake interesting small grant projects and initiatives based on the needs of the community and the school. These projects help them in their professional development, strengthening of inclusive society, personal growth, and diversity of school life.

The idea of participating in the small grant competition, announced by the Education Development and Employment Center, was sparked by the student’s interest in environmental issues. Despite having little theoretical knowledge about environmental issues in the region, they wanted to understand the legal responsibility of environmental violations through practical activities. They believed that only informational meetings would not be enough to understand legal responsibility. They also had a great desire to contribute to environmental activities by volunteering.

To achieve their goals, the students came up with a project that involves mock trials on environmental issues in the Khelvachauri Magistrate’s Court. An invited expert will introduce the schoolchildren to environmental legal regulations, rules for conducting a mock trial, and the importance of volunteering. Additionally, a cleaning action will be organized within the framework of the project. The students will voluntarily share the knowledge gained in the project with students and teachers of different regional schools.

As a result, this project will not only help the students gain practical knowledge about environmental issues and legal responsibilities, but it will also enable them to contribute to the community by raising awareness and promoting volunteerism. They hope to inspire others to take action and make a positive impact on the environment.

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