The winning project from Kakheti

“Ultimately, more than 30 young women in the Pankisi Valley will be working together to build a foundation for positive change in their community and actively improving the situation there.” – Melano Beridze, the implementer of the initiative “Voice of a Pankisi Woman”.

My friends Sofo Tabatadze, Mariam Frangishvili, and I came up with an idea while studying at the bachelor’s level. We formed an initiative group to increase the civic involvement of women in the Pankisi Valley and promote their participation in civil and political life. Our main motivation for participating in the competition was to turn this idea into a reality and contribute to the empowerment of women in the Pankisi Valley. As the importance of civil-political involvement is growing in the modern world, we wanted to work actively in this direction in Georgia and raise awareness among women in Pankisi.

Our project aims to strengthen the women’s community in the Pankisi Valley at the local level. We plan to increase the level of civil activism among Pankisi women and encourage their integration in the daily activities of the community. Additionally, the project aims to promote volunteer activities and create a volunteer hub in the Pankisi Valley that will engage in volunteer activities through various platforms, including volunteer. ge.

The project consists of cognitive and practical work based on the theoretical knowledge provided by us. We will organize training, workshops, and volunteer competitions under the framework of “The Voice of a Pankisi Woman!” We will also invite representatives of local non-governmental organizations and volunteer organizations operating in Georgia to strengthen cooperation between local civil groups, voluntary organizations, and the women’s community.

Our project, “The Voice of a Woman from Pankisi!” is not only designed for short-term goals but aims to achieve long-term goals as well. It will encourage Pankisi women to participate in volunteer activities, which will contribute to the creation of a stronger volunteer community. It will also help project participants in their personal development and strengthen their self-confidence.

We hope that this project will increase our motivation to raise awareness and develop practical skills for even more young women living in different regions of Georgia as volunteers.

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