“There is an entire world around us” – Event for beneficiaries of EDEC’s Daycare Centers to discover and understand the world we live in

“There is an entire world around us today – you can
think about it, discover all kind of things and events, and wonder how to name
them;” this is how Pikria Berishvili, a teacher of Geography and Civic
Education at Uravi Public School started her session and made the children
think about every day’s world.

At the event, the beneficiaries of the day centers listened
to findings and opinions of researchers and scientists who study the world, discover
novelties, measure and record everything.

What is happening around us? What can we see with our own
eyes? What is invisible to us? Which role do we play in the world? What
opportunities offers the world to us? – These and other questions were discussed
by the participants. At the end, one thing was clear for all: There are no
disabilities; we are all part of one and the same world, and we can all change


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