Winners of Debate School announced

Within competitions, this term’s winners of
the educational program “Public Speaking and Debate Techniques – Karl
Popper Debate (format of values)” were found.

According to the terms of the contest, the
participants prepared a one-minute speech about topics of their personal
interest.; amongst others, pupils talked about environmental policy, bullying, and
animal protection. Nino Khutsidze won, while Davit Gelashvili and Khatia
Tukvadze placed second and third in the competition.

On the same day, the winner of
“Political Debates” was announced. Here, participants had 30 minutes
to prepare a one-minute on a randomly selected topic. Ioseb Tskhvaradze performed

The winners were selected by a special jury
including Lali Ushveridze, civic education teacher of Kutaisi №37 Public School,
Sophio Kupatadze, Day Care Center coordinator of the Education Development and
Employment Center (EDEC), and Natia Sulava, Director of Kutaisi Public School №12.

All participants in the competition were
awarded certificates and the winners additionally received prices.

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