A success story from Racha

Karli Kobakhidze is currently working as a mini-business lending expert at TBC Bank.

My great wish is for the families to return to their native places, for lights to be lit in every house, and for children’s joyful  voices to be  heard

I lived in the capital with my family during the pandemic. Coping with challenging times has not been easy for anyone, but during the most difficult times, we make the best decisions of our lives. The same happened to me and I returned to my native Racha. Regions are having a hard time compared to Tbilisi. There are fewer opportunities, but I’m not afraid of that. I believe that strong and persistent people will always be able to continue despite obstacles. I feel despondent when I see abandoned houses. A house without an owner is sad and empty. We, the youth, must create opportunities for families to return to their native places. One of the main reasons for my return was precisely this – I wanted to encourage others.

After returning, the first thing I did was look for a job. I did not want to waste time, I am a very active person. I believe that the movement is already a success and will bring results sooner or later. I often followed employment opportunities on social networks, and that’s how I heard about the Employment Center. I decided to come to the place and talk to the employment consultants. I had 2 years of experience in banking, so I wanted to find a job in this direction. I told the employment consultants about my interests and registered me in the database as a job seeker. After the meeting, I felt that a vacancy would appear soon and I would use this chance. And so it happened, they called me in a few weeks and sent me to an interview with an employer. After a successful interview, I got a job at TBC Bank as a mini-business lending expert, and I provide loans to businesses up to 50,000 GEL across the region. I think employment here is doubly productive. I have a stable income and most importantly, I help the residents of my region to start a new business or to strengthen the existing one.

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