Career consultants were trained on Job Coaching

The development platform “Home” has organized the “Job Coaching” training for the representatives of career consultation and employment centers, with the support of the Institutional and Capacity Development Center (ICDC).

The training aimed to inform career consultants about the role and importance of coaching in the career counseling process. Representatives of the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), the Adjara Employment Agency (EAARA), and the State Employment Promotion Agency (SESA) attended the training.

The training course was held in an interactive mode. The trainer brought practical examples and discussed the ways of improving the work process and teamwork. The job consultants did coaching tasks in order to apply basic coaching techniques and methods into practice.

Within the EU-funded project “Learn, Exercise, Achieve, Receive, Network for Employment! (LEARN for Employment!)“ Employment Centers have been opened in the six regions. The centers offer career development and employment services to job seekers.

The project is implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), the Telavi Education Development and Employment Center (TEDEC), the Employment Agency of the Autonomous Region of Adjara (EAARA), Abkhazintercont (AIC), and the Guria Youth Resource Center (GYRC) with the financial support from the European Union (EU).

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