Finding career path with the help of the Employment Center

25 years old Anna Bendeliani found her dream job within the framework of the “Learn for Employment” project with the help of the Kutaisi Employment Center.

Anna graduated from Abkhazian A / R N5 Public School and continued her studies in English Philology at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She has the pedagogical experience and she has worked in sales as well.

“As you know, it has been difficult to find a job since the breakout of Covid-19. When I heard about the project, I got interested, contacted the employment center, and decided to cooperate with them. In March 2021 I went for the first interview where I filled out an application with the help of career consultants and submitted my resume. After filling out the application, various positions were offered to me – all possible options to suit my competence and desire. My desire was to try something new, the field of education was no longer interesting to me, so I was offered various positions in the field of services. I opted for the position of Administrator, which was vacant at Hotel Sairme (Resort Sairme). A week later, the second interview took place at the employment center, where I had a face-to-face meeting with the head of HR manager of the Resort Sairme. I had my third interview at the Hotel with the CEO and a few days later I started an internship as an administrator. After completing my internship, the HR Manager offered me the position of an Assistant to HR Manager. Of course, I happily received it,” – states Anna.

It has been six months since Anna has been working at the Hotel Sairme. As she notes, she does a very responsible job and gains valuable experience – conducts interviews, hires staff, solves administrative issues. Her competencies also include day-to-day monitoring of employees, their assistance, scheduling of various trainings, and conducting various teambuilding activities.

“I do a lot of different tasks and, what is important for me, I feel comfortable at this job. In addition, working here has helped me become clear about my future. I am going to continue my studies in the master’s program in HR direction, which will help me in my future career advancement. In my opinion, the services of the employment center are very necessary and important, I saw it through the eyes of both the job seeker and the employer. Currently, I work with the center as an employer. We participate in job fairs and we know that we can count on the EDEC Employment Center to find the necessary staff,” – notes Anna.

The EU-funded project “Learn, Exercise, Achieve, Receive, Network for Employment! (LEARN for Employment!)“ is implemented by the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), the Telavi Education Development and Employment Center (TEDEC), the Employment Agency of the Autonomous Region of Adjara (EAARA), Abkhazintercont (AIC) and the Guria Youth Resource Center (GYRC).

The project implemented in six regions of Georgia – Imereti, Guria, Racha-Lechkhumi, Adjara, Shida Kartli, and Kakheti – aims to promote an efficient transition model from education to the labour market largely supporting increased employment, social integration, and decreased poverty and vulnerability levels.

Employment Centers have been opened in the mentioned six regions. The centers offer career development and employment services to job seekers.

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