Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

Name: Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disability (EOPwD) Implementation period: 02.2018 – 01.2021 Implementation area: West Georgia

Donors /Partners: European Union (EU), Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB), Movement Accessible Environment for Everyone (AEE) Part of the budget assigned to EDEC: $23,582 Objective(s): The project aims to support the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with various disabilities in West Georgia. Target group(s): Persons with disability, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), LEPL Social Service Agency, Ministries, local governments Achieved Results:

  1. Regional workshops with the participation of public, private, and non-governmental organizations were held
  2. Guidebook on disability rights and available services for persons with disability was developed
  3. The innovative consultancy service “Disabled to Disabled” in three municipalities of West Georgia (a, b, and c) was established
  4.  International study trip to show foreign approaches and initiatives to representatives of the consultancy service providers and the municipalities was organized
  5. Capacity-building training to strengthen and inspire the representatives of the consultancy service providers and the municipalities were organized.
  6. Training on ‘Accessible social services for people with disabilities for women from all ten regions of Georgia.
  7. Financial support for eight new social service-focused social enterprises was provided
  8. Two advocacy workshops to promote the rights of persons with disability were held
  9. Five advocacy campaigns to promote the rights of persons with disability was financed
  10.  30 public debates to advocate of rights of persons with disability were organized.

Name: From Dependency to Self-Sufficiency Innovative, Effective and Scalarable Livelihood Solutions for Georgia

Implementation period: 2015-2016

Implementation area: Mtsketa-Mtianeti (Akhalgori), Imereti (Kutaisi, Tskaltubo), Samegrelo (Zugdidi, Poti), Adjara (Batumi)

Donors /Partners:

  1. European Union (EU)
  2. Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
  3. Charity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti (CHCA)

Overall Budget: 

Part of the budget assigned to EDEC: 

Objective: Economic integration of IDP and host communities (employment and self-employment) and support in creation of income resources

Target group(s): IDPs, host communities, war veterans by disability status

Beneficiaries: IDPs, host and war affected communities and eco migrants

Achieved results:

  1. business incubator was established for IDP start-up businesses;
  2. 224 beneficiaries were registered for financial resource accessibility and implementation-development of business ideas;
  3. Local network of community organizations was established;
  4. Eight trainings were conducted with the participation of 130 persons;
  5. 71 IDPs attended trainings on career planning, job seeking, employment and self-employment;
  6. 16 of them were employed;
  7. 6 new community groups were created to activate five Home Owners Partnerships;
  8. 16 persons were involved in internship programs;
  9. 63 grants of various categories were issued.

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