Success story from Imereti

Goga Tsirekidze currently works as a cashier-operator at the airport for “Liberty Bank”.

“I have a job that allows me to manage my time wisely and do a useful job”

I am a 4th-year student of Informatics and Management Systems at the Technical University of Georgia. I really wanted to find a job that fit my study schedule – with a decent salary. I applied for the Employment Center. Employment Consultants motivated me to reach my full potential. There were stages before employment: testing, internship, and interview. With the internship attached to the job, the company allowed me to use my skills to the maximum and meet all the qualification requirements. I believe that Employment Centers increase your sense of responsibility give you precise direction and help maximize your opportunities. I want to advise young people: don’t sit, move, fight, and start from a low position, this is what will motivate you in developing and achieving your goals.

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