Success story from Imereti

Today we will talk about another successful employment case. Anano Gumberidze is 22 years old. She heard about the employment program from her friend and went to the Employment Center. She was interviewed by the Employment Consultants. They took into account Anano’s skills and desires and offered several positions.

Anano chose the position of Sales Consultant at Miniso. Employment Consultants prepared a resume and the results were not delayed. Anano was successfully interviewed and today she is the valuable employee of Miniso’s successful team. Most importantly she loves her job and the work environment that the company offers.

“I was greeted by a very warm environment and qualified consultants at the employment center. I did not know exactly where and in what field I would be able to get a job. I am a student and my great desire was to have my own income. Employment Consultants  assessed  my career potential and created CV.  Before the interview  with the employer  I was helped to present myself  well and was successfully hired. Fortunately I enjoy very friendly and pleasant environment at Miniso and I’m glad to be a member of Miniso’s  awesome team.’’-  Anano tells us.

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