Success story from Kakheti

“Try to look at life optimistically, in many cases the door opens when you least expect it.”

The place where I worked closed after some time and I became unemployed.  I was very worried as did not know to whom to apply for help. A friend of mine told me that there was an Employment Center in Telavi that could help me. So I  decided to try my luck. I contacted and talked to employment consultants. This is how our first meeting took place. As soon as I arrived at the place, realized that I was not mistaken. I found a very warm environment. Employment Consultants took into account my experience and interests and started looking for a stable job. In a short time, they found a vacancy and scheduled an interview with a potential employer. As a result of a successful interview, I was employed as a cook in the “Eco Garden” kindergarten in the shortest period of time.

I feel very good here because I get to spend my days in a friendly and loving environment. I, for my part, do my best not to disappoint anyone.

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