Success story – Natia Terashvili

Twenty years old Natia Terashvili is one of the successful beneficiaries who earned her dream job. Natia joined the Dual Vocational Education Program for Makeup Artists in 2020 within the framework of the EU4Youth project. She successfully completed theoretical and practical training, passed the 3-month internship, and got employed in the beauty salon “Comfort” in Gori. […]

Success story – Mariam Motsikulashvili

Mariam Motsikulashvili, 29, is another successful beneficiary of the Dual Vocational Education Program for the Chiefs. Prior to participating in the program, Mariam was employed as an assistant chef at the Hotel Lucky in Gori. When she heard about the program, she decided to upgrade her skills. She has successfully completed the training course and […]

Success story – Teona Pavliashvili

Teona Pavliashvili is one of the successful graduates of the Dual Education Training Program for Hair Stylists. Today she is employed at the beauty salon “Beauty Art” in Gori. “I heard about this program from a relative and immediately decided to join because I always liked this profession. I have been helping my family members […]

Success story – Valentina Gogidze

Valentina Gogidze has successfully completed the short-term dual education training program “Serving and Service Plus”. She is currently employed as a sales consultant at the supermarket chain in Gori. “I participated in the program in 2020. After completing the theoretical part at Gori University, I passed the practical part and the internship stage at the […]

Success story – Sopho Kochishvili

33 years old Sopho Kochishvili is a graduate of the Dual Vocational Education Program for Nurses and currently works at the Covid center of the medical network “Gormedi” in Kareli. She is employed in the field of pediatrics, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, she is temporarily employed as an assistant nurse. Sopho has been […]